It’s Bacon Connoisseurs Week!

I’m not sure how this crucial information can have possibly passed me by until now, but I have just discovered that it’s Bacon Connoisseurs Week. This week…

Felt bacon
Lovely delicious strips of bacon. Felt bacon.

Luckily, I found out in the nick of time, for tomorrow is the very last day we have to celebrate all things bacon until the revered event comes around again next year.

Always a sucker for a food-based festive event (slash thinly disguised marketing ploy; see the Love Pork website for full details of this prestigious week), I spent a while wondering what I could do to celebrate.

Apart from eating bacon, which I obviously intend to do as well.

Usually, I’d whip up a babygrow with a relevant picture transferred onto the front, much like my National Carrot Day outfit. But somehow, putting my baby in a bacon top didn’t really appeal.

(I toyed with the idea of doing one with a pig picture instead, but that didn’t quite seem in the spirit of things. Oh look, a nice little piggy, oink oink oink. I’m going to turn you into bacon this week, but don’t worry, you’ll taste utterly delicious…)

I was busy doing some head scratching (“scratching,” geddit…) and then I suddenly remembered my great love for felt food.

When I first joined Pinterest, just about every other photo I pinned was of some sort of felt food.

Of course, I never got round to making a single item (Pinterest being invented purely, I am pretty sure, to make you waste hours at your computer Pinning things you intend to make, rather than actually spending any time making anything).

But, finally, here is my chance!

Bacon on its own would be a little odd, so I decided to make a full English. (That’s not odd at all, you see. Nope.)

What do you think?

Felt fried breakfast
All this breakfast needs is a little dob of ketchup

I vaguely followed a tutorial from Wee Folk Art for the bacon and eggs and from One Inch World for the tomato slice…

Felt eggs
Sunny side up
Felt tomato
Just missing a few pips

The sausages I just cobbled together…

Felt sausages
Juicy and plump sausages

Now, what on earth am I going to do with a felt fry up?!

Felt breakfast
A close up of the lip-smacking felt brekkie
Felt breakfast
And an overhead view so you can see the breakfast in all its felt glory

Any takers?

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4 thoughts on “It’s Bacon Connoisseurs Week!

    1. Thanks Grace! My little one is much too young to get any enjoyment from it – so I guess I’ll give it away or just put it in a box for a year or two… Just couldn’t resist making it!

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