Easter guest posting

It’s a blinking good morning here in sarfeest London. The sun is shining, I got a full six hours un-interrupted sleep last night (finally breaking my lack of sleeping spell) and it’s almost the long Easter weekend…

Could life get any better? Turns out, it could!

Because I’ve also got my first ever guest post happening today over at the always-beautiful Patchwork Harmony blog.

Egg cosy tutorial
I made these. With my own fair hands. Best of all, you can too…

It’s for some really easy-to-sew egg cosies that I made. Complete with pattern. (I know, get me!)

Here’s a sneak peek photo, but head over there for the full tutorial: DIY: easy egg cosies for Easter.

And I’ll let you into a little secret. That lovely wood table? The beautiful floral teapot? Those huge sash windows? Not mine. Not my house.

My house is still such a complete and utter tip waiting to be renovated, that I had to go to my sister’s lovely flat to take the photos. It’s the same sister who I’m teaming up with for the Letterpress cards, so expect to see her flat in a few more photos!

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