Quilt happy

I write this fresh from waging war on the slugs and snails in my garden. I’d love to say that I was the victor but, despite having deposited a full ice cream tub of the slippery critters into the skip at the end of my road, I fear their guerilla warfare tactics will give them the upper hand again by the end of the day…

(I know, I know, the skip owner doesn’t want slugs and snails in there, but I can never bring myself to actually kill them…)

In completely unrelated news, (note to self, really should try harder to link blog posts together into a cohesive article) I wanted to show you a few pictures of some quilting I got up to at the weekend.

Quilted baby burp cloth | Wolves in London
I love this cute retro fabric

After the success of my quilted teapot, I wanted to have a go at some slightly more freestyle quilting.

Before my sproglet was born, I made a burp cloth, following this really simple tutorial at Made by Rae. It’s a pretty handy item; backed with terry towelling it’s very absorbent, but it’s always bugged me a little that the two layers don’t stay together very well.

Quilted burp cloth | Wolves in London
Absorbent back, appealing front. Useful and attractive!

So, I thought I might have a crack at quilting them, vaguely following the outlines of the little rocket people all over the top fabric.

I’ve got to say, I was pretty pleased with the results.

Space boy quilting

In some places, I followed the outlines closely.

Quilted retro burp cloth

In others, I just nipped along wherever I fancied.

Quilted burp cloth

quilted rocket boy

I definitely think I’ll be doing more of this.

Now, sewing chat out of the way, if anyone wants to come on a snail hunt at 7am tomorrow morning, I know the perfect spot…

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6 thoughts on “Quilt happy

  1. Such cute fabric!
    At least you scoop up the beasts. Mr Myrtle likes to leave their corpses on the path next to our garden so we can slide on them … yuck.

    1. I think death and destruction is far more effective though. I’ve just realised that I’ve lost almost an entire flowerbed of bulbs to the scoundrels. Think I might have to persuade my Mr to head out with the salt tonight. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  2. Oooooh love the cute fabric … have you tried eggshells crushed around your plants or beer traps … cut the bottoms out of plastic milk cartons and dig a little hole to put them in … drop the carton in … fill with a beer of your choice and the little slugs and snails, seek it out, fall in and get drunk and happy … maybe more humane than the salt … Bee xx

    1. Yes, I used to set beer traps, but they always got so full of dead slugs! Ha ha, I know that’s the point, of course, but there was something so vile about this little pot full of dead slugs and I never knew where to dispose of their bodies. Do you think you can put them on the compost heap???

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