Letterpress wedding invitations

When it comes to planning a homemade wedding, let me offer you one excellent piece of advice: make sure there is someone really talented in your family at a wedding-related craft and then force them to give you their expertise for free.

Don’t have someone in the family already? No worries, divorce your current family and find a new one. A dressmaker would be helpful, of course, a florist maybe, a caterer would certainly save you a fortune or, in my case, a sister who has just started her own business making beautiful Letterpress wedding invitations.

Letterpress wedding invitation
You’re invited! Oh wait, sorry, it’s a month or so late…

I’d suggest scouring the endless, endless wedding blogs, find an appealing-looking supplier and then send them a (mildly threatening) begging letter, asking them to either adopt you or perhaps become your “blood brother” (or sister). Leave it a few months and then drop the request for lots of hard work for free. Job done. Money saved.

I jest, of course, but I am genuinely super lucky that my sister started to set up her business just at the time we were planning the wedding, so was more than happy to make us our invitations on her brand new press. (Those who were reading my blog earlier this year may remember the stunning business cards she made for me as well…)

Because the hubby and I met out in the Philippines doing a marine conservation diving course, we went for a seahorse picture on the main invitation and a weedy sea dragon on the RSVP card.

Sea horse wedding invitation
He’s a lovely sea horse
Letterpress wedding RSVP
I doubt many people recognised the weedy sea dragon (except our friends from the marine conservation programme…)
Letterpress weedy sea dragon
What a cutie

The RSVP card had our address printed on the other side, so people could literally just tick a few boxes and put it in the post. Being one of the world’s laziest people ever, I always find it a bit of a hassle to actually write a reply to invitations, so I work on the assumption that everyone else does too.

Everything was wrapped up with a three-way folded piece of card printed with the lovely seahorse again.

Wedding invitation with a seahorse
This is what our guests saw when they opened the envelope
Letterpress sea horse
I couldn’t resist giving you a little close up, so you can see all the lovely inky detail

I chose the vintage pictures and did a very, very, very basic design (and, of course, all the wording) which my sister then licked into a beautiful shape and found us the excellent font as well (Manquis CP if you’re curious)…

We were really, really delighted with results and we got loads of compliments from our guests.

Letterpress wedding invitation set
All the various pieces

And if you’re wishing my sister was your sister too, then fret not! Her company will be open to take its first official customers in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, keep an eye on her blog Wolf & Ink for updates and lots of other wedding-related inspiration. (I’m not promising anything, but it’s just possible a certain someone might be guest posting on there in the near future too…)

Just please, please don’t send her any threatening letters asking her to adopt you.

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