Garden moodboard: October

More than a week in to October, but here, finally, is my monthly garden moodboard.

October garden moodboard
‘Scuse the dark shadow at the bottom. That is actually me getting in the way of the sun. Dur.

I’m quite excited about my garden at the moment. It’s currently in a half dug state. We’re taking up some of the many (many!) flowerbeds and replacing with turf. The rhododendron bed is going, along with half the width of one of the main beds that was just far, far too deep to actually get in and weed it easily, which meant it was really a dark breeding ground for bindweed and dandelions.

Ordinarily, I’d be a big fan of loads of flower beds, but the amount of grass space we had was about an eighth of the overall garden, and barely big enough to put the paddling pool on, let alone have the sproglet run around…

So, lots of work to do now, and hopefully a much more useable garden come next Summer.

Once the grass is down, planting some more (nice) things in the flower beds is a priority. As you can see from the haul at the moment, there’s not much going on out there right now. The anemone and verbena are both from the front garden, where I planted them last August, along with the green feathery leaf, which is from an Artemisia.

Beautiful feathery silver-green artemisia

The pink rose is the last one on the tree, which is mostly rose hips by now.

Rose hip
Actually, this hip is from a bright orange rose that flowered earlier in the year.

The honeysuckle too is really over, just a few flowers left and a profusion of bright red berries. The whole thing is rather old and leggy now though, so definitely needs a major hair cut, or possibly just replacing. This flower looks nice, I know, but the rest of the plant is rather sickly.

Honeysuckle flower
One of the few flowers the plant made this year

The red schizostylis coccinea is the only real success out in the back garden at the moment, a huge swathe of them growing up round the pond and looking very jolly indeed.

schizostylis coccinea
Bright and cheerful and looking beautiful standing sentry by the pond

Still, I’ve got say, the whole lot looked very pleasing as I collected everything to photograph in a little wicker basket:

basket of flowers
And then I went skipping into town drinking old fashioned lemonade…

My favourite find of all, though, was this skeleton leaf. So amazing to see all the veins left, while the main body of the leaf has just eroded away. I got a bit snap happy…

skeleton leaf
Photo one
curled skeleton leaf
Photo two
skeleton leaf tip
Photo three
skeleton leaf midrib
Photo four

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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