Sorting and organising

Regular readers will have heard me bleat on about the terrible state of our house many a time.

We moved in in September 2012, to a house with no central heating, no shower, no dishwasher (the thing I miss the most!), dodgy wiring that means we fuse the whole house if we turn on the light in the sitting room, and a dark, dark kitchen.

Of course, we planned to renovate it ASAP, but what with the structural surveys, planning permission (denied, new plans needed), builder’s quotes, choosing a builder and our chosen builder being exceedingly busy – 14 months have passed since that day.

But our builder came round on Monday morning and – all of a sudden – work is starting next week. Next week! Eeeeep.

So I’m in a flurry of packing, sorting and organising this week. We need to move out, to my Mum’s, while the work takes place and empty the house as much as possible in preparation.

Button jar
Ah, lovely buttons, you can just see one of my home-covered ones peeping through…

This morning, I’ve been wandering round taking photos of all the items we want to get rid of, planning what we’ll put in the attic and what we’ll take with us to my Mum’s.

The clothes / books part is easy. (Winter clothes only, all books to attic.) But then I got into my craft room and indecision struck.

That gorgeous kilner jar of buttons. Will I need that? Probably not, but, then again, what if I want to make something in the next two months that needs a button?

My plastic bag of scrap fabrics. Well, that should go to the attic, surely. But… …then again, there are probably mice in the attic. And what if I just took my fabric scraps and only made things from that.? Hmmmm…

Fabric scrap bag
I really must find something to do with the really teeeeny bits of fabric here…

And don’t even get me started thinking about my wool offcuts…

Wool in a glass jar
Little walnuts of wool

My knitting and sewing books. Okay, this one is easy, actually, I don’t look at them very often. They can definitely go to the attic.

But what about my work in progress box?! Some things in this have been in progress for about two years, surely I won’t decide to finish them now? But, perhaps I should just take it with me and get them sorted out and not start on a new project for a while.

What? Not start a new project for two months?!

Arrrggghhhhh.  I think and I’ll go organise my clothes one more time instead.

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5 thoughts on “Sorting and organising

    1. Oooh, now there’s a question! I think I will have to go round and take some “before” photos, once we’ve cleared all the junk and then I can (hopefully) wow you with “after” photos when we move back in again! It’ll be a while before it’s looking good, though, since we have to decorate the whole place ourselves. Ah, nothing like lots to do, is there?!

    1. Yes, too much work to stay, really. There are walls coming down and new ones going up that I think would just make too much dust for the sproglet, but the main thing is the installation of the central heating will mean every single floor needs to be taken up to lay new pipes…

      It feels very odd, though, that we will move out and then move back in to a new house! Every other place I’ve owned, I’ve slowly-slowly bit-by-bit gone through a room at a time with any decorating…

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