Autumn in the garden

The garden in our house is a source of both great joy and great frustration to me.

acer palmatum
Beautiful acer palmatum

It was one of the major selling points when we bought the place a year ago: a 60 foot garden! In London!

But (as I know I’ve mentioned before, so my apologies to regular readers) it was also planted up in a way that wasn’t hugely appealing to me. The square of lawn is the size of a handkerchief, surrounded by gigantic flowerbeds too large to weed, filled with bright pink and orange azaleas and (now, anyway) a fair bit of bindweed too.

Of course, when we looked round the house, I cheerfully made plans for how I could change it, imagining it all finished within a month of moving in. A year later, though, and we’ve finally made a start. The azaleas are all gone, two huge beds have been levelled and turfed and the past four weekends have looked pretty much like this:

Naturally, he was a great help…

Of course, now we know the builders are coming next week, I think a huge bulk of the turf is going to get trampled underfoot. Ah well, c’est la vie.

But now that the garden doesn’t just remind me of all the work that needs doing, I’ve been able to start enjoying some of its beauties. A wander round with my macro lens last week showed off Autumn in all its glory.

azalea leaf
The eagle-eyed gardeners among you will spot that, despite my protestations, this is indeed an azalea leaf. Well, what can I say, we did leave a few of them in there…
And this lichen on a branch gives you an idea of just how old some of the plants are
Could a photograph be any more autumnal?!
These blue berries come from the red-leaved plant above. Such stunning colours…
I just couldn’t resist using the power of the macro lens to take a look upclose at some moss on the greenhouse roof!
hesperantha coccinea
The star of last week’s Gardener’s World, for those watching, this is my very own Hesperantha coccinea. Fabulous reddy pink colours right into November

I’m linking up today with Mammasaurus’s How does your garden grow, a weekly browse through some gardening delights. I’ve just discovered it and have been having a great wander round other people’s gardens. Do head over if you’re similarly interested…

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15 thoughts on “Autumn in the garden

  1. Your photos are beautiful! We’re just about to move house and have big plans to do everything NOW, but I just know we’ll be the same as you. If you’re moving for the long-term you don’t have to do everything immediately.

    1. Many thanks. Yes, it’s the frustration of not being able to do it ALL straight away! Still, I’m sure once it’s all finished to my liking I’ll be bored and want something else to do, ha ha.

  2. lovely photos… there’s so much detail to see if you look for it isn’t there! I was watching gardener’s world actually… our weekly activity now that we finally have a garden of our own 🙂 x

  3. Absolutely love your photos of the lichen and the moss. That moss green is one of my favourite colours because it’s so zingy and fresh. Hope your garden becomes more of a joy and less of a frustration over time 🙂

  4. Ahh I love these shots, the lichen and moss especially, easy to bustle by them in day to day life and not really pay them any attention but they really are beautiful. Such happy colours in your garden no wonder you’ve been out enjoying it – your helper looks very productive 🙂

    Thanks ever so much for joining in x

  5. I love my garden but it will never, ever be ‘finished’. And I think you need to leave a new garden a year so as to discover what develops over the seasons so you’ve done well to delay.
    I love your close ups. I thinking of dropping large hints about a decent camera for Christmas. I think I would enjoy the use of one.

    1. Yes, there have been some real delights appearing over the course of the past year and it is so good to see it starting to take shape now. That’s the thing with gardening, isn’t it? You need to enjoy the process as much as an end result, because the end result is never reached…

  6. I’m very jealous of your 60ft garden, I don’t even have that here in the country! Lovely pics. Gardening always seems to get put down the list. This year was going to me “my year of the garden” and I’ve done nothing bar pruning the roses and it’s November. Oh well next year. X

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