Frosty mornings

Urgh, all this rain! I can’t bear the sogginess of it all.

It’s cheered me up no end that a few mornings this week I’ve woken not to the interminable patter of rain on the roof, but to the sight of frost on the ground and the big orange sun peeping out through the trees opposite the house.

I wandered round the garden with my lovely macro lens (a wedding present last year) for a little close up look at some of the frosted bits and pieces last weekend.

Frosted garden table
The garden table, with the frost all lined up in rows
frosty feather
And a little feather trapped on the table
frosty leaf
Even the weeds look lovely with a little sprinkling
Frosty stem
And I love the way the little icicles point straight upwards
frosty tree stump
On an old tree stump at the bottom of the garden, the top was a layer of ice
Snail shells
The eagle eyed among you will have spotted these shells aren’t remotely frosty. I just thought they were rather lovely

So beautiful.

Come on January, more crisp cold days and less rain please…

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4 thoughts on “Frosty mornings

  1. So so SO pretty! Oh macro lens heaven – the little feather – what a treat to find too!

    Beautiful photos that bring a smile to my face and shiver to my body – thanks for joining in and sharing xxx

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