Wolf & Ink

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while might remember my hugely talented sister, Letterpress printer extraordinaire and maker of my wedding invitations and business cards.

Letterpress balloon
Like it? Hey, you can buy it!

Well, she’s put me to shame once again for, while I’ve been wittering on about starting a fabric business for more than a year but done sweet FA about it, she’s spent the past six months setting up her own stationery company, Wolf & Ink.

Letterpress wedding invitation
I love the bus on this…
Wedding invitation stationery
Save the dates, RSVPs, and so on…
Personalised Letterpress CD case wedding favours
This is a super cute idea: a wrapper for your CD of wedding songs

She makes bespoke wedding invitations (plus save the dates, RSVPs, menus and the whole caboodle, which I believe is more officially referred to as a “suite”) but you can enjoy some of the Letterpress loveliness even if you’re not getting married as she’s also launched a range of cards and notebooks.

Letterpress notebook
Just think of all the lovely notes you could write in here
Personalised note cards
Personalised note cards
Letterpress notecard
This is my favourite of the bunch…
Taxi notecards
Taxi notecards

You can find her at her own website: Wolf & Ink and she’s also just started selling an exclusive range for Not On The High Street.

But of course, all this creativity and get-up-and-go doesn’t make me feel even a tiny bit jealous. Honest.

*Retires to sofa to dream of a better life*

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  • I’m a real fan of Letterpress stationery so, naturally, I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it. Check out some more beautiful designs here: Letterpress inspiration.

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