Garden moodboard: February

It’s slightly ironic (in the non-Alanis Morissette sense of the word) that when I have horticulture exams to revise for, my garden becomes completely abandoned.

February garden moodboard
Sunshine, snowdrops and blossoms. I must remember to look back at this photo when the vile rain starts up again

Any spare time I have must be spent revising, not weeding, planting or pottering about with secateurs.

And so it is, that I am publishing my monthly garden moodboard 17 days late for February. I finally had time this weekend to wade out in my wellies and do a quick harvest of some snowdrops and a twig full of promising buds before the smell drove me back inside. I don’t want to revolt you by going into too much detail, but the front drive ain’t the only thing waterlogged around here, the drains on the patio out the back are full to capacity as well. Luverly.

So delicate and cheering

On a nicer note, however, look at these adorable snowdrops! Galanthus nivalis in Latin, doncha know, and one of the first bulbs to flower every year.

There is an absolute plethora of different snowdrop varieties and some aficionados go crazy for them, paying up to £50 for a rare bulb. Me, I’m just quite happy with whatever bog standard variety likes to grow in the garden (no drains-related pun intended).

As I moved the snowdrops around to photograph them, they dropped their bright yellow pollen, which I thought was rather glorious.

Snowdrop pollensnowdrop bunchsnowdrop pollen

The moodboard’s a little sparse this month. Apart from the snowdrops, the only other thing I could find worth photographing was this tree / bush that was putting out some promising buds. I’m not sure what it is, a forsythia perhaps? Let me know in the comments if you have a better idea.

Branch in  budyellow buds

But the really, really exciting part of these photos is not the plants themselves but that other rare thing: sunlight.

I usually try and make sure there aren’t shadows in my moodboard photos, but I was so very excited to see the glorious sunshine peering through the window for the first time in weeks that I couldn’t bear to exclude it.


Actually, I just thought of one more exciting thing about these photos. They are set to be the last of my garden moodboards coming to you from the garden of my Mum’s house, rather than mine. If you check in here regularly, you’ll know we’ve been camped out in the home counties while renovation has been taking place at our actual London house. But we’re scheduled to move back in just under a fortnight now, a promise so exciting I hardly dare believe it’s true… Next month, once we’re home again, there will be more variety with my plant choices, I promise.

Joining in with Asa.

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5 thoughts on “Garden moodboard: February

  1. The first thing that hit me was how those shadows were so dramatic. A new look for your boards I hope you repeat. Those snowdrops are lovely and the pollen in the negative space is a nice shot. I do believe that’s forsythia. So happy your going home soon. Your creativity is about to kick into high gear for that baby. So exciting.

    1. Awww, thanks for such a lovely comment! I liked those pollen photos too…

      We’re back home in two days now — a bit earlier than planned but my Mum’s house is now flooded, so ours (without heating or electrics!) is looking like a better option. Ha ha, sure things will settle down eventually!

      1. Oh Dear Sabrina, not exactly how you’d imagined your glorious homecoming. I really hope things get sorted out quickly. Feel bad for your Mum too. And yes this too will all be a nightmare one day. Good Luck Momma.

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