Feeling guilty

I’m feeling a little guilty this morning…

You see, today was my deadline to make something rather glorious from this heavenly peacock fabric.

peacock fabric
I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve not even got as far as ironing it still…

And what have I done with it? Erm, absolutely nothing.

A month or so ago, I entered the Hillarys Blinds country craft competition: you selected your favourite fabric from four options which was then sent to you for free so you could make something wonderful and blog about it.

Only, of course, I haven’t made something wonderful, or indeed, at all.

I was never in any danger of finishing ahead of time, but I did have what I thought was a genius idea earlier this week and was quite excited about the amazing entry I was going to submit. I ordered a lampshade making kit and planned to put the wonderful peacocks onto a big drum ceiling lightshade for my newly painted sitting room.

Only, when the kit arrived on Saturday, I realised I was going to have to cut off the peacock’s tail to fit it onto the drum. Which seemed a huge waste of the amazing fabric.

So, then, a little desperate for ideas with two days to go, I thought I might just whip up another bag holder (not glamorous, I know, but the peacock would have surely added an extra glam element to a rather pedestrian item).

And then, on Sunday, this happened:

This is my sitting room. Honestly, it’s in there somewhere…
Boxes in room
And this is my bedroom. And, actually, I took this photo half way through the unloading. It’s even worse now

All our possessions that have been in storage for the past four months returned to our house. Simply clearing enough space to tunnel between the bed, the kitchen and the TV took up the entire day.

All of which, is a very long winded way of publicly saying, “Hillarys, I am sorry! I had no intention to deceive you when I ordered the fabric and I really did fully intend to blog about an amazing make. Thank you so much for the beautiful peacocks  and I promise that I will, eventually, make something lovely with it and indeed put it on the blog with a nice link back to your fine website. But, erm, just not at the right time.”


I hope you all had slightly more successful weekends than me.

Still, the sun was glorious here in London on Saturday and I got a beautiful bunch of Mother’s Day tulips today, so I’ll try and hold onto those thoughts entering the week ahead…

Oh how I love tulips

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  • Of course, another cause for my complete failure at making anything are my permanent levels of stress right now, which I wrote about a a few weeks ago: On being permanently stressed. I’d like to pretend that I’ve managed to calm down since then, but in all honesty, if anything, I’ve got worse… Late pregnancy hormones do weird things to you, don’t they?

3 thoughts on “Feeling guilty

  1. I feel your stress. I have a bundle of fabric from another comp from which I have to run up an award winning entry for the 9th. The comp rules said we would have 3 weeks which turned into 2 by the time I received my fabric. And I’m away this coming weekend. And I’ll be working late (at work) all this week. Why do we do this?

    1. I just don’t know! It’s my complete conviction that I have both oodles of time to spare and the genius ideas to win the competition… …only a few weeks later I find I have neither!

  2. Oh, don’t beat yourself up about it! It happens to us all. Draw a line under it and move forward. It would have been very sad to have cut his tail off! I’m looking forward to sewing what you make with it in the future!

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