Life recently

Well after that gloriously wonderful weekend of sun and spring weather, we seem to have returned to the depths of winter, plunged back to rain, grey skies and cold temperatures (here in London, at least).

I have to say, it’s put me in a rather bad mood to have been given the promise of sunnier months, only for them to disappear so quickly. Judging by the incessant moaning and whining of the sproglets this morning, they’re feeling the same way too.

Still, cold we might be, but life has continued in an anticipatory vein around here. I’m just dropping in quickly with a few photos from the last week…

Mothers day flowersMy Mother’s Day flowers are looking very beautiful on the mantelpiece. Tulips and daffodils can’t fail to make you feel all spring-like.

The sproglet and I have been spending every spare moment dedicatedly (some might say obsessively) sowing seeds. Most surfaces in the house and greenhouse look like this now.

Borlotti bean seedsWe’ve mostly done fruit and veg so far: three different tomatoes, two aubergines, these borlotti firetongues (which I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye and mistaking for a plate of chocolate cupcakes), some yellow courgettes, chillies and yin and yang beans.

Next up, this weekend, are the veg that are going straight out into the garden: carrots, broad beans, chives, beetroot, radishes and some garlic and onions that I bought for Autumn planting, but which have been sitting around in the house ever since.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on when I have some germination!

Finally, but taking up most of my time recently, I’ve been working away on my next garden design assignment. This was to create a planting plan for a shady border in a bookshop courtyard.

Garden design planting planI’ve just finished putting all the different elements together and am feeling pretty proud of my first ever design. My new A3 printer arrived today so I can print the final sheet out in proper size this evening. Exciting stuff!

Now, if the good weather would just come back again too, life would be all but perfect.

6 thoughts on “Life recently

  1. OMG. When I saw the second picture (without reading) I thought you and the sproglet were baking!!
    They looked so chocolate..y good. Then I read and you even are tempted by them.We can finally see tyne ground again here in Ohio and had ONE 60 degree day but it has dropped back 20 degrees and I have no idea how to tell you this in celsius.

    1. I love borlotti beans a lot, but I have to say they always seem a bit disappointing when compared to chocolate cupcakes, ha ha.

      60 degrees back down to 20 is definitely a shock. Makes our sudden temperature drop seem not quite so bad now. I’m sure London is just saving its finest for your visit in May!

  2. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw those borlotti beans, that you’d made some delicious chocolate confection. Yin and yang beans sound intriguing, do you eat the pods or just wait for the beans? Your garden design looks wonderful, you’re doing well with your coursework I think. Love your drawing set as well, it looks most inspiring. I have a drawer full of seeds waiting to be sown. And allotment full of weeds waiting to be pulled up. No doubt it will all come together in the end. CJ xx

    1. Yin and yang beans just black and white beans, I think. I bought them from Sutton seeds (here) for the first time this year. I can never resist the allure of a weird looking veg! So far it has mostly paid off, except for the utterly disgusting asparagus pea I grew a few years back, which tasted much like cardboard.

      Weeds here too. Always weeds…

  3. And there was me thinking ‘Woah! Chocolate Sushi!’
    The sunshine has been out in force here today – t-shirt in the garden weather *happy dances*
    I love how intricate your design is – fascinating x

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